Emergency Relief

malnutritionwater truckingHP kit (2)collecting rubish
 starvation                       Water trucking               WASH kits                      Garbage collectors

In times of emergencies, WDC has been in the forefront in providing support to distressed communities. WDC’s emergency efforts target the most vulnerable, often entering situation of conflict and unrest, to ensure this care is provided. In such instances WDC works to ensure the safety of its beneficiaries and staff by adhering to assist policy transparency, neutrality and accountability. In 2012 for instance, decreased access to humanitarian aid, erosions of state affairs, drought and waves of displacements saw WDC‘s staff and its development partners focus on ongoing humanitarian catastrophe working to implement lifesaving programs like IDPs and refugee communities in south Somalia.

Overall, WDC works tirelessly to address the needs over 300.000 individuals in the region. The 2011-2013  implementations of WASH and livelihood programs enabled WDC to provide the communities most immediate needs with:

  • Cash transfer
  • Water supply voucher
  • Provision NFI household kits
  • Water trucking
  • Relief and Shelter provision
  • Floods, diseases outbreak and disaster response