Water Hygiene and Sanitation

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Since its establishment WDC has implemented programs designed to address emergency interventions in water and sanitation. Our WASH project in Somalia has highly improved access to safe water and essential public health facilities for the displaced throughout the many IDP camps in Bardera and surrounding villages.

For instance, in response to 2006 upsurge in violence and the limitations is placed on the current systems of water distribution, WDC partnered with UNICEF to facilitate improved methods of water distribution. The partnership focused on the provision of clean water and sanitation facilities through the construction of water storage platforms designed to gravity pipe sanitized water to a network of collection points around the region.

Our WASH program components include: the construction of sanitation facilities, the promotion of proper hygiene practices and delivery of immediate lifesaving support. The program further worked to ensure community sustainability and development through the training of independent volunteer water management committees.

To date, WDC has built over 1459 IDP latrines constructed, 54 garbage disposal sites, provided 4320 sanitation kits and provided safe water to 32,500 households in Bardera district Gedo region. In summary, WDC’s WASH program encompasses the following:

  • Provision of water supply through water vouchers
  • Water trucking
  • Provision of bore-hole fuel subsides
  • Rehabilitation of water sources (bore hole water systems shallow wells, earth pan and rain water harvesting  and construction and promotion of latrines use.
  • Promotion and distribution and monitoring use of public health promotion support and sanitation, sanitary pads soaps. water storage containers water purification tablets training public health focusing on safe water handling, washing hands, safe fecal disposal , public health promotions operations, maintenance, community water sources, latrines, water tank, earth dam, distribution of house hold kits, training wash/workshop, boreholes and shallow water wells
  • Preparedness and response to disease outbreaks (AWD), DRR disaster risk reduction management trainings and floods response management.