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Canal  rehabilitation                      (animal re-stocking)                                       Cash relief program

WDC’ livelihoods program covers a broad range of activities focused on enhancing self-reliance through non formal education, income generation activities and cash for work programs. Our livelihoods activities work to ensure each person has the tools and the ability to live in a secure and sustainable manner.

WDC works to revitalize the susceptible communities through cash relief, re-stocking and de-stocking in times of droughts and floods. These programs are designed to provide essential support necessary for recovery and reconstruction. Capacity building process is a vital component of the program as it entails equipping the target populations with skills and tools necessary to sustain their own lives. WDC’s main livelihood support activities are as follows:

  • Livestock sector support and improvement
  • Farming sector improvement
  • Natural resource management
  • Disaster risk reduction and early warning systems
  • Climate change adaption and environment protection
  • Micro finance and IGA empowerment
  • Child and women empowerment
  • Cash for work activities