Peace Building & Conflict Resolutions

peace advocacy

 Somalia is a single-nationality organized into different clans that share language, religion  and culture. However, the clans have been at war due differences bordering on clan identity. Presently, despite the advantage of single language, religion and culture, Somalia remains one of the most divided countries in the world. WDC’s intervention in peace building and conflict resolution is thus purposeful. Our approach to this course is community-centred, bottom up where we make it known to all that it their responsibility to detect, prevent and/or solve the conflict. Local people are the key to preventing, resolving and healing conflicts. They are the best way to break recurrent cycles of violence and make peace last.

At WDC, we work with communities to attain a strategic shift through a number of ways. We work with local/grass root peace builders to drive the agenda due to the following reasons:

  • They understand their own communities in real depth – including the causes of conflict, the key players and the possible solutions.
  • They are known and respected within their communities – giving them access, trust and moral authority among those involved in conflict.
  • They can monitor and reach areas and groups that outsiders cannot – allowing them to respond to conflicts early and effectively.
  • They are committed for the long term because this is where they live – so they continue when outsiders withdraw, and their work has sustained impact.
  • They run programs with local facilities and at local rates – costing far less than expensive than international operations.

First, we raise funds to implement the peace building and conflict resolution programs and offer management support and advice. Secondly, we build recognition for the community members’ work, profiling the approach so the world can adopt it as a means to achieving sustainable peace and stability. Thirdly, we promote the concept of locally led peace building to the international community, so that others will adopt our approach too.

We provide crisis intervention services and violence prevention education. One on one, we listen, counsel, support, guide and work to heal survivors of violence. One by one, we teach teens about healthy relationships, train girls in self-defense, instruct boys in conflict resolution, and advice on public policy. We organize and we advocate. Not only do we believe—we know that violence is preventable.

WDC believe that when people all over the world work together, big changes really are possible. We’re passionate about building a better world. And that’s why we’ve made it our mission to act in partnership with other passionate people, like you, across the globe to achieve safety, justice and dignity in communities threatened by conflict and natural disaster. We don’t think there is any task more important.