Organization Background

Water and development committee (WDC) is a charitable organization established in 1996 and operates mainly in South-Central Region of Somalia. The organization is non-governmental, non-political, non-partisan and non profit making, flexible and committed to providing programs that answer to the community’s basic needs in relevance to the current situation in Somalia and beyond.


WDC is open to all without distinction of origin, race, color or creed. Potent Following the fall of the central government in Mogadishu in 1991 and the subsequent mushrooming of armed tribal militias, war lords and extremist groups that totally destroyed the entire social, economical, administrative and community institutions These confronting armed groups led to the community into viscous cycle of war, displacement, death, hunger, disease.


The well intended international agencies were rushed to help the community as blocked the aforementioned armed groups and consequently the idea of founding a local nongovernmental organization was mooted and hence the coming into existence of WDC was realized since 1996 WDC with support of the NGOS, donor agency and members of the community in the Diaspora managed to implement various charitable , humanitarian and development projects in Bardera district south Gedo that so far has transformed in Bardera district that so far has transformed lives of hundreds and thousands people for the better as well as putting in a conducive channels for assistance for the vulnerable members of the community.
We are an independent forum that supports the needy communities carrying out activities reflecting to our mission, vision and goals, for social and economic development. The organization is striving to make water available to all, sanitation and hygiene improved to the best level possible, livelihoods of the poor and destitute addressed, empower women and the vulnerable in essence, we emphasize on working with local targeted communities to overcome poor sanitation, hunger, poverty, injustice and inequality.