Core Values

Ethics: We hold ourselves to the highest standards of transparency, accountability and ethical behavior

Dignity: We preserve and enhance the dignity of the people we serve.

Respect; we are committed to demonstrating respect to all individuals equally by building a   foundation of mutual trust, acceptance, understanding, and accountability

Excellence; we are committed to achieving excellence and continuous improvement of services through teamwork, empowerment, perseverance, and innovation.

Communication; we are committed to facilitating an environment of consistent, open, honest communication that encourages interactive and respectful dialogue.

Optimism: We provide hope for those in need to have a better life.

Service: We use a participatory approach to enhance the delivery of our services that is appropriate and relevant to those we serve.

Self-sufficiency: We enhance the self-sufficiency of the people we serve and empower them to rebuild productive lives.

Advocacy: We advocate for the human needs of the people we serve and inspire the Somali community to respond to their needs.