Project History

Funded Organization


Type of inputs quantity

SCF UK 1997 Assessment of WES data collection for the whole region for 90 days
UNICEF 1999 Rehabilitation of Sarinley slow sand filtration system, one kiosk with its guard room, repairing animal troughs pipe lining system for house to house connection
UNICEF 2000 Emergency construction of elevated tank and one kiosk, with its guard room  and 240 meter piping networking system
UNICEF 2001 Rehabilitations of 10 shallow wells in caws-QURUN and Elwak for animal troughs and hand pump fixed
Overseas Diaspora 2003 Collecting rubbish in Bardera town and digging refuse pits to the overpopulated area such as markets and spraying mosquito where the water stagnant places and 75 public latrines
Diaspora 2004 WASH training and mobilization of Bardera with main riverine villages
UNICEF 2005 4 drums of Chlorine HTH provided by UNICEF and WDC volunteer chlorinators chlorinated by Bardera water points
Overseas Diaspora 2006 Fixed  generator-set to Bulsho-borehole with submersible pump with new water tank through regional Diaspora
UNICEF 2007 WASH promotion training and mobilization of WASH programs
UNICEF 2008  Flood prevention preparedness response WASH  prevention program for fire out-break disaster zone
UNICEF 2009 Emergency WASH preparedness and response  in Bardera
Local community, UNICEF  & NGO contribution 2011 Prevention of AWD out-break in Bardera joint activity made by UNICEF health partners and essential supplies from UNCEF
Oxfam GB 2011 South Gedo water trucking project



Emergency rehabilitation of water sources & provision of hygiene and sanitation services in Bardera district
Oxfam GB



WASH & Emergency Food Security Livelihood EFSL
INT individual donor 2014 Humanitarian conflict response research
IDEAS FOR US/ WDC 2015 Rehabilitation of shallow well  in COWS QURUN VILLAGE
AAHI/WDC 2016-2017 Community rehabilitation interventions focusing on food security WASH & livelihood
IDEAS FOR US/ WDC 2018 construction of simple community latrines in GERILEY VILLAGE

CLTS training & Establishment of the Water User Committee


  Regional Diaspora/WDC 2021

peace & Conflict resolution