Peacebuilding & Conflict Resolution

  • WDC peace activities
    1. Institute community-centered dialogue on issues of common interest among clans in the Somalia Gedo region. Juba land state These issues will focus on civic dialogue towards democratization and good governance, issues touching on good leadership, inclusive governance, and youth and gender dynamics in politics.
    2. Support the establishment and capacitating of conflict management structures in the southern Somalia Gedo region such as peace committees to identify and respond to early warning systems to prevent flare-ups. This will also be supplemented by building the capacity of CSOs on peacebuilding and conflict resolution modalities.
    3. Trauma healing and counseling training among residents of the Gedo region, especially the ex-combatants and those who were offended by the combatants to facilitate the psychological recovery of those affected by the conflict.
    4. Community-based forgiveness ceremonies to reintegrate the low risks of disengaged combatants. Borrowing from the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs’ traditional dispute resolution mechanisms, we will establish a Transitional Rehab Centre that will offer several programs including spiritual healing, social healing, and skills training to the ex-combatants as a strategy for preparing them for reintegration.
    5. Encourage the adoption of the culture of effective information sharing. This will halt the spread of rumors with the potential to trigger conflicts